Things to consider to avoid problems during the account activation process

  1. Make sure your business email and phone number have never been registered yet on Midtrans/GoBiz/GoFood before.
  2. When you’re uploading a file, make sure to patiently wait until it’s completely uploaded before moving to upload another file. If the system crashed/becomes unresponsive because you accidentally uploaded another file before completing the previous upload, try to refresh the page and reupload. 
  3. Make sure that the name you put for the bank account has been registered on the related bank and matches the one stated on the uploaded ID(KTP)/KITAS. Should there be any difference, you’ll be required to attach the photo of the bank book.
  4. Make sure the website and/or application that you’ll register has followed this guidelines ↗.
  5. Following are the acceptable formats for your business contacts:
    • URL format : E.g.: or
    • Email format : Email address with domain, without space. E.g.: [email protected]
    • Name format : Acceptable punctuation marks are full stop (.), comma (,), apostrophe ('), quote (") dan backquote (`).
    • Telephone number format : Indonesian domestic phone number. Please directly enter the numbers after +62/0, without spacing. E.g.: 8112223344.