My customer's card transaction was rejected by Fraud Detection System, how can I whitelist my customer's transaction?

Whitelisting is a process of giving exception to a customer in Midtrans Fraud Detection System (FDS) in order to relax the fraud filtering at customer's future card transactions. Merchant need to inform us the customer's email that will be used in future transactions; after the whitelist has been done, FDS will relax the fraud filtering as long as the customer uses the whitelisted email in future transactions.

We require merchant to verify the customer and ensure that customer is a valid/legitimate one prior to requesting a whitelist to prevent future disputes from the cardholder. A whitelist given to unlegimate customers poses a financial loss risk to merchant due to chargebacks on the fradulent transactions made by the whitelisted customers.

Some methods of verifications that can be done by merchant includes (but not limited to) verification of card ownership by requesting a photo / scan of the ID card / passport along with the photo / scan of the card used for transactions by covering part of the number. The documents then can be kept by merchant as evidence to the bank should dispute over the customer transaction arises in the future.

For the whitelist request can be submitted to our email in [email protected].



Whitelist can only be done for card transactions and does not apply for other payment methods.