Difference between Merchant account and Partner account

Merchant account (Merchant Administration Portal)
You have access and can manage one merchant account (Merchant ID).

Partner account (Partner Portal)
You have access and can manage several merchant accounts (Merchant ID) registered under one Partner ID using just one dashboard.


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One Partner ID houses several Merchant IDs.

The XXX group of companies (parent company) is engaged in toddler products. They have several merchant accounts for their subsidiaries:

  • Company A (toddler clothes),
  • Company B (toddler equipment),
  • Company C (toddler food).

The XXX company group manager has a partner account to check and manage the accounts of the three subsidiaries.

Meanwhile, company managers have merchant accounts that can only be used to manage their respective companies.

For example, the manager of company A can only manage the merchant accounts of company A, but not the accounts of company B and C.

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