How to reset Disbursement OTP?

Please follow these steps to reset your Disbursement OTP:

  1. Contact our support team ↗ and fill out the details. Midtrans will reset your QR code.
  2. The newest QR code will be sent to your email. Please make sure to use this QR code on step 3.
  3. Open your Authenticator App. You may use Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or any of your preferred applications.

We recommend you use Google Authenticator, here are the steps:

  • Click + button on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Choose Scan a QR code.
  • Make sure you are scanning the newest QR code from step 2.
  1. Make sure you are selecting the newly created account to generate One Time Pin (OTP).


Tips 💡

Do not select the old account, as the old one probably still remains on the app. We strongly advise deleting the old account (after successfully adding the new one).


Important ❗

In order for Authenticator to function properly, the device's date and time settings must be properly synced to the current real-time date and time. Because the Authenticator app relies on the time of the device to generate a proper OTP. It will not work if the device time is incorrectly configured. Try syncing the device time via the settings menu of the device.

Once an OTP is generated, it is only active for a short period of time, usually less than 60 seconds. So make sure the OTP is used in real-time before it expires. Do not wait too long to use it.