How can I cancel a transaction?

Canceling transactions can only be done for card transactions with CAPTURE / SUCCESS status and other payment methods with PENDING status. You can do so from the transaction page ↗ on our portal, or via our API ↗. To cancel from the portal, simply search the specific transaction, go into its details and click the CANCEL button.

For credit card transactions, if the status is Capture/Success and canceled, the customer limit will automatically return to a maximum of H+1 working days.

For other payment methods, there is no refund process from the Midtrans side to merchants or merchant consumers, because the transaction status has not yet reached Settlement.

Note: transactions that status is Settlement cannot be canceled, however refunds ↗ can be made, but only for the credit card, GoPay, QRIS, Shopeepay, and Akulaku transactions.