Testing Account Number

Here is a list of dummy bank account number that can be used for testing success payout in the Sandbox Environment, please make sure that you do not use this on Production mode.

Beneficiary BankBeneficiary AccountBeneficiary Name
Bank Mandiri1111222233333Mandiri Simulator A
2222333344444Mandiri Simulator B
Bank Permata4111111111Permata Simulator A
Bank Danamon111112222222Danamon Simulator A
000001111111Danamon Simulator B
000002222222Danamon Simulator C
Bank BNI00010000BNI Simulator A
Bank BRI111112222233333BRI Simulator A
Bank BCA0011223344BCA Simulator A
Bank CIMB222233334444CIMB Simulator A
333344445555CIMB Simulator B
GoPay08123450000Gopay Simulator A