Activation of payment methods that haven't been active yet

You can activate a payment method that is not yet active in the following way:

  1. Login to your Merchant Administration Portal (MAP) dashboard.
  2. Select Environment Production.
  3. Click + Payment Methods menu.
  4. Select the Payment Method you want to activate.
  5. Click button Next: upload documents 🡪
  6. Upload the requested documents.
  7. Download the form (if prompted).
  8. Upload the filled form (if prompted).
  9. Click button Next: Sign addendum 🡪
  10. Signature can be done via email or direct signing.
  11. Please wait for the review to be carried out by the Midtrans team after the signature process is successful. If it has been approved, then you can see the payment methods that are already active at the top.

The complete list of payment methods available at Midtrans can be seen at this link