I got error "phone number or email address has been taken", what should I do?

You will get that error if during registration ↗ you are using a phone number or email that has been used in the other merchant (Midtrans/Gobiz/Gofood merchant). Here's how to solve it:

  • Phone has already been taken (the phone number has been used in another merchant):
    You have to use another phone number.
  • Email has already been taken (email has already registered in another merchant):
    Add +1 character in your email address, so Midtrans's system will detect that email is different.
    Account Midtrans 1: [email protected]
    Account Midtrans 2: [email protected]
    Note: only Gmail and Outlook can use the workaround, if your email is not both of them, please kindly use a completely new email that has never been registered.

If you feel that you have never registered the phone number or email address, please contact us via Contact Us ↗ page, fill out and submit the form.