Handle After Payment

Getting Notified of Payment Status

You can get notifications when the transaction status is updated on Midtrans (payment success, expire, etc.), so that you can process the customer order accordingly. Once the payment process is completed by the customer, Midtrans sends notification to you. You can access notifications via any of the following methods:

You can have automated/programmatic transaction status update on your system.

  • The most recommended & customizable way to receive notifications.

Alternatively, you can also actively retrieve the transaction status from the Midtrans side.

  • Enquire about the current transaction status by calling API GET Status.

You can get notified to your email inbox at the event of a transaction.

  • Simplest way to receive notifications.
  • Requires no complicated set up.

You can view the transaction notifications on the dashboard of Midtrans Administrative Portal (MAP).

  • Simple, easy and user-friendly.