Can I receive payments from a foreign issuing bank?

Yes, you can receive payments from a foreign issuing bank.

Please keep in mind that for Bank Transfer/VA, there are certain things that you have to know.

  1. Customers needs to make sure whether the transfer method is real-time, or non-real-time/delayed/batched.

  2. Customers can also try to ask their bank whether the transfer type is real-time or not, in case they want to make sure. Or even sometimes, customers can also choose which type of transfer on their banking app/ATM.

  3. Bank Transfer/VA has an expiry time. If the transfer is non-real-time, there is a higher chance the fund will arrive late. In that case, after the VA has expired, the fund will not be accepted and will likely bounce back to the customer's bank account.


Note 💡

Do not worry, as long as the foreign issuing bank is able to transfer in real-time to the destination VA, there shouldn't be any problems.