How can I have my money in my account (payout)?

If you are our merchant, you will be able to withdraw your money at least 3 business days after the transaction. You can choose when will be the right time to transfer your money. There's no additional fee when doing payout.
Before doing this, don't forget to set your Bank Account Information.

To withdraw your money for the first time, please pay attention to this information:
You have submitted all required registration data/documents and at least have 1 success/settlement transaction, so within 3 days you can do the withdrawal process.

If the data/documents are incomplete during the registration process, Midtrans' team would contact you through email and WhatsApp within 3 working days after you've finished the registration process.

There are 2 methods to be able to withdraw funds, namely Manual Payout and Automatic Payout, below are explained how to do each of these methods.


Below are the steps:

  1. Click BALANCE menu on the navigation bar.

  2. Click Withdraw button.

  3. Click Confirm.

  4. You will get the money in the same day if you request it BEFORE 11 AM; you will get the money tomorrow if you request it in 11 AM or AFTER. There might be a delay on holiday time, however, you should contact us if you haven't get your money in 3 days.

Please make sure your payable amount is not below IDR 10,000 in order to make the payout request running successfully.


Here are the steps you have to do:

  1. Enter your Midtrans portal,
  2. Click the SETTINGS> BILLING menu to enter the automatic payout setting page,
    In the Billing Configuration section, click the arrow button on the Repeat Every menu. Choose the payout period you want.
    • Disabled: The Auto Payout feature is disabled.
    • Daily: The payout process will be carried out every working day.
    • Weekly: The payout process will be done once a week (weekdays).
    • Monthly: The payout process will be carried out once a month (working days).
  3. Select the day (for the weekly payout) or the date (for the monthly payout) that you want.
  4. Click on Save

For Automatic Payout, make sure the funds that can be withdrawn are more than the same as Rp. 50,000. If at the time the payout schedule automatically runs but the funds are lacking, then the payout process cannot be done until you wait for the minimum funds to be fulfilled. If you don't have any successful transactions within 8 days before the schedule, the automatic payout wouldn't work, so you could do a manual payout to get your fund.

After you do the payout process, the Midtrans system will automatically send a payout receipt request email to the email you entered on the Midtrans dashboard (MAP) menu Settings> Email Notification> Email Payout Report.