Register Card

Register Card for Card Payment Method

Register Card can be triggered to register the card information of the customer for future one click and two click transactions.

Register Card Status Method

HTTP MethodEndpointDefinition
GETBASE_URL/v2/card/registerRegister card information (card number and expiry) to be used for two clicks and one click

Register Card Request

See sample on the right -- try it yourself!

Query ParameterDescriptionTypeRequired
card_numberCredit card numberStringRequired
card_exp_monthCredit card expiry monthStringRequired
card_exp_yearCredit card expiry yearStringRequired
client_keyPartner client key credentialStringRequired
callbackFunction name used for JSONP callbackStringRequired

Register Card Response

  "status_code": "200",
  "saved_token_id": "436502PjvfpHomPBggDvfipaIYhV0009",
  "transaction_id": "50e7c4ac-772e-43fa-94fb-52559bce4fc0",
  "masked_card": "48111111-1114"
JSON AttributeDescriptionType
transaction_idTransaction ID given by Midtrans.String
masked_cardFirst 8-digit and last 4-digit of customer's credit card number.String
status_codeStatus code of transaction charge result.String
saved_token_idToken id used for Two Clicks or One Click.String
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