Capture Transaction on Card

Capture transaction is triggered to capture the transaction balance when transaction_status:authorize. This is only available after Pre-Authorized Credit Card or Pre-Authorized GoPay.

Capture Transaction Method

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HTTP MethodEndpointDefinition
POSTBASE_URL/v2/captureCapture an authorized transaction for card payment.

Capture Transaction Request

  "transaction_id": "be4f3e44-d6ee-4355-8c64-c1d1dc7f4590",
  "gross_amount": 145000
JSON AttributeDescriptionTypeRequired
transaction_idTransaction ID given by Midtrans.String(255)Required
gross_amountTotal amount of transaction in IDR. By default it captures whole transaction amount.
Note: Decimal values are invalid.

Capture Transaction Response

  "status_code" : "200",
  "status_message" : "Success, Credit Card capture transaction is successful",
  "transaction_id" : "ca297170-be4c-45ed-9dc9-be5ba99d30ee",
  "masked_card" : "45111111-1117",
  "order_id" : "testing-0.4555-1414741517",
  "payment_type" : "credit_card",
  "transaction_time" : "2014-10-31 14:46:44",
  "transaction_status" : "capture",
  "fraud_status" : "accept",
  "bank" : "bni",
  "gross_amount" : "30000.00",
  "channel": "dragon",
  "expiry_time":"2014-11-08 14:46:44",
  "settlement_time":"2014-10-31 19:00:00"
  "status_code" : "412",
  "status_message" : "Merchant cannot modify the status of the transaction"
JSON AttributeDescriptionType
status_codeStatus code of transaction capture result.String
status_messageDescription of transaction capture result.String
order_idOrder ID specified by you.String
transaction_idTransaction ID given by Midtrans.String
masked_cardFirst 8-digits and last 4-digits of customer's card number.String
gross_amountTotal amount of transaction in IDR.String
order_idOrder ID specified by you.String
payment_typeThe payment method used by the customer.String
transaction_timeTimestamp of transaction in ISO 8601 format. Time Zone: GMT+7.String
transaction_statusTransaction status after capture card transaction.String
fraud_statusDetection result by Fraud Detection System (FDS). Possible values are
accept : Approved by FDS.
deny: Denied by FDS. Transaction automatically failed.
bankThe name of the acquiring bank.String
gross_amountTotal amount of transaction in IDR. String
channelThe name of the payment channel provider. Provided if channel attribute on charge api request is present. More details on request and possible values are available on Card Feature: Specific Channel.String
expiry_timeFor regular card transactions (non-recurring, non-one-click, non-two-click token) and the 3DS redirect_url expires in 10 minutes. For authorized transaction expires in 8 days.String
settlement_timeCredit card settlement time refers to the duration it takes for a credit card transaction to be processed and transaction_status change to settlement.String
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