Transaction History

List all transactions history for a month. You can specified start date and also end date for range transaction history.

  "from_date": "2016-08-11",
  "to_date": "2016-08-12"
        "reference_no": "cvg4C6AsF3BMbHyYTP",
        "beneficiary_name": "BCA Simulator A",
        "beneficiary_account": "0011223344",
        "account": "PT. BANK CENTRAL ASIA TBK.",
        "type": "Payout fee",
        "amount": "300.0",
        "status": "debit",
        "created_at": "2023-02-08T11:12:14Z"
        "reference_no": "XMjrpSuWSIGMKC8hSy",
        "beneficiary_name": "Permata Simulator A",
        "beneficiary_account": "4111111111",
        "account": "PT. BANK PERMATA TBK.",
        "type": "Refund",
        "amount": "10000.0",
        "status": "credit",
        "created_at": "2023-02-03T08:38:45Z"
        "reference_no": "rXPxb2hOetT6yDLivf",
        "beneficiary_name": "CIMB Simulator A",
        "beneficiary_account": "222233334444",
        "account": "PT. BANK CIMB NIAGA TBK.",
        "type": "Payout",
        "amount": "10000.0",
        "status": "debit",
        "created_at": "2023-02-03T08:38:45Z"
        "reference_no": "f686c5788d344e61a50b47c2497433d2",
        "beneficiary_account": "9999999",
        "account": "PT. BANK CENTRAL ASIA TBK.",
        "type": "Account validation fee",
        "amount": "3000.0",
        "status": "debit",
        "created_at": "2023-02-03T08:21:46Z"
        "account": "Bri virtual account number",
        "type": "Topup",
        "amount": "100000000.0",
        "status": "credit",
        "created_at": "2023-03-08T03:55:50Z"
        "account": "Created by admin : teest",
        "type": "Manual",
        "amount": "100000000000.0",
        "status": "credit",
        "created_at": "2023-03-08T03:55:01Z"
        "account": "Permata virtual account number",
        "type": "Topup reversal",
        "amount": "25000000.0",
        "status": "debit",
        "created_at": "2023-03-08T02:10:50Z"

HTTP Request

GET BASE_URL/api/v1/statements

Request Parameters

Please check Restrictions and Query Params Logic for more.

from_datestart date range for payouts (YYYY-MM-DD)
to_dateend date range for payouts (YYYY-MM-DD)

Response Parameters

reference_noUnique reference_no of a payout (only if payout is present)
beneficiary_nameName of the Beneficiary (only if payout is present)
beneficiary_accountAccount number of the Beneficiary (only if payout is present)
typeTransaction Type. Possible values:
Topup: topup to merchant balance
Payout fee: fee that paid by merchant for using iris payout
Account validation fee: fee that paid by merchant for using iris account validation
Payout: payout created by merchant, include all payout that is approved because merchant balance already deducted
Refund: refund to merchant balance because of payout that failed
Manual: manual adjustment by admin to balance of a merchant
Topup reversal: reverse a balance topup when topup process failed
accountName of beneficiary bank/channel used
amountAmount for a transaction
statusCurrent status of the Transaction (credit/debit)
created_atTransaction creation date in ISO8601 format

FromToDate Restrictions

  1. Maximum one month size of data can be downloaded.
  2. Data that can be downloaded is up to 6 months old from the current date.
  3. from_date and to_date has to be in ISO8601 date format (YYYY-MM-DD)
  4. from_date is set to beginning of day (00:00:00) and to_date is set to end of day (23:59:59).

Logic for query params(from_date/to_date)

  1. When no params passed, provides payouts of last 10 days
    • to_date (Today)
    • from_date (Today - 10)
  2. When from_date is not passed, provides payouts of previous 10 days from to_date
    • to_date (to_date)
    • from_date (to_date - 10)
  3. When to_date is not passed, provides payouts of 10 days from from_date
    • to_date (from_date + 10)
    • from_date (from_date)
  4. When from_date is more than 6 months ago, we will reset from_date and provide data since 6 months ago
    • from_date (the date 6 months ago from current date)
  5. When both the params are present but does not obey the before mentioned restriction
    • to_date (to_date)
    • from_date (to_date - 31)