Create Payment Link

Merchant sends HTTP API request with the desired transaction details to this endpoint, and will get API response mainly with the Payment Link URL. The URL then should be shared to & opened by Customer, to initiates payment.


Endpoints: /v1/payment-links

Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic AUTH_STRING

AUTH_STRING value is result of Base64Encode("YourServerKey"+":")

Midtrans API validates HTTP request by using Basic Authentication method. The username is your Server Key while the password is empty. The authorization header value is represented by AUTH_STRING. AUTH_STRING is base-64 encoded string of your username and password separated by colon symbol (:). For more details, refer to API Authorization and Headers.

Request Body

  "transaction_details": {
    "order_id": "001",
    "gross_amount": 190000,
    "payment_link_id": "for-payment-123"
  "customer_required": true,
  "credit_card": {
    "secure": true,
    "bank": "bca",
    "installment": {
      "required": false,
      "terms": {
        "bni": [
        "mandiri": [
        "cimb": [
        "bca": [
        "offline": [
  "usage_limit": 1,
  "expiry": {
    "start_time": "2022-04-01 18:00 +0700",
    "duration": 20,
    "unit": "days"
  "enabled_payments": [
  "item_details": [
      "id": "pil-001",
      "name": "Pillow",
      "price": 95000,
      "quantity": 2,
      "brand": "Midtrans",
      "category": "Furniture",
      "merchant_name": "PT. Midtrans"
  "customer_details": {
    "first_name": "John",
    "last_name": "Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": "+62181000000000",
    "notes": "Thank you for your purchase. Please follow the instructions to pay.",
    "customer_details_required_fields": [
  "title": "test title",
  "payment_link_type": "DYNAMIC_AMOUNT",
  "dynamic_amount": {
    "min_amount": 5000,
    "max_amount": 5000,
    "preset_amount": 5000
  "custom_field1": "custom field 1 content",
  "custom_field2": "custom field 2 content",
  "custom_field3": "custom field 3 content",
  "callbacks": {
    "finish": ""

Request JSON Body Details

transaction_detailsrequiredObjectSpecific information regarding the transaction.
customer_requiredoptionalBooleanIf set as True, Payment Link will prompt user to fill in customer details (name, phone and email) before customer can proceed to pay - which field set as mandatory can be specified in customer_details. If set as false, Payment Link will still show the customer details input form but it's not mandatory (customer can continue to the next page without filling any)
customer_detailsoptionalObjectSpecific information regarding the customer.
Note: If Merchant sends customer_detail’s email on the request, Midtrans will send the created Payment Link url to the customer’s email.
item_detailsoptionalObjectDetails of the purchased items. Will be shown to customer during payment and shown in Midtrans Dashboard.
usage_limitoptionalintegerMaximum number of allowed successful/paid transactions.
Note: Each successful/paid payment will consume a "usage" quota. A pending payment (payment attempted, but still waiting for Customer to make payment e.g. waiting Bank Transfer, Gopay, QRIS, etc.) will temporarily hold a usage quota, but if it is abandoned/left-unpaid (becomes expire) it will release the usage quota back.
expiryoptionalObjectCustomizable transaction lifetime. Once the duration exceeded, the link will no longer be available.
enabled_paymentsoptionalArrayCustomizable list of payment methods that will be shown during payment. If not specified, by default all active payment methods are shown.
credit_card, gopay, cimb_clicks, bca_klikbca, bca_klikpay, bri_epay, telkomsel_cash, echannel, permata_va, other_va, bca_va, bni_va, bri_va, indomaret, danamon_online, akulaku, shopeepay.
titleoptionalString(255)Title to show in your payment link page that will be seen by your customer. Max char supported is 40.
payment_link_typeoptionalString(255)Pass the value DYNAMIC_AMOUNT if you want to use dynamic amount feature. Note that item_details and gross_amount will be ignored if the type passed is DYNAMIC_AMOUNT.
If payment_link_type is not passed, by default Payment Link will create a FIXED_AMOUNT payment link.
dynamic_amountoptionalObjectOptional object if you're creating a payment link with dynamic amount features. You can set max/min amount and preset amount within this object.
custom_field1optionalString(255)Retrievable custom text that you can pass to Midtrans on field 1. Wil be shown in Midtrans Dashboard, & sent on HTTP Notification.
custom_field2optionalString(255)Retrievable custom text that you can pass to Midtrans on field 2. Wil be shown in Midtrans Dashboard, & sent on HTTP Notification.
custom_field3optionalString(255)Retrievable custom text that you can pass to Midtrans on field 3. Wil be shown in Midtrans Dashboard, & sent on HTTP Notification.
callbacksoptionalObjectCallback finish URL where user will be redirected after finishing a transaction. Can append query param if needed.
credit_cardoptionalObjectCredit card payment options.
bni_vaoptionalObjectCustomizable Virtual Account number & options for BNI VA.
permata_vaoptionalObjectCustomizable Virtual Account number & options for Permata VA.
bca_vaoptionalObjectCustomizable Virtual Account number & options for BCA VA.
bri_vaoptionalObjectCustomizable Virtual Account number & options for BRI VA.
[cimb_vaoptionalObjectCustomizable Virtual Account number & options for CIMB VA.

transaction_details object

Parameter Required Type Description
order_id required String(50) Unique transaction ID. A single ID could be used only once by a Merchant. Allowed Symbols are dash(-), underscore(_), tilde (~), and dot (.).
gross_amount required* Integer Total payment amount Customer expected to pay. Required for FIXED_AMOUNT, do not use for DYNAMIC_AMOUNT
The Sum of Subtotal (item price multiplied by quantity) of all the item details needs to be exactly the same as the gross_amount inside transaction_details object.
payment_link_id optional String(50) Unique Link ID that will be used as part of the resulting payment URL. A single ID could be used only once. Allowed characters are alphanumeric ​​[a-z, 0-9] and hyphens [-].
By default auto generated by midtrans.

credit_card object

Parameter Required Type Description
secure optional Boolean Specify whether 3D-Secure authentication should be used for Card payment method.
Note: It is recommended to specify true for most cases. Default: false.
bank optional String Specify which acquiring bank is preferred for Card payment method.
If not specified, Midtrans will auto determine accordingly. It is recommended to not specify it.
Options: bca, bni, mandiri, cimb, bri, danamon, maybank, mega.
channel optional String Specify which acquiring channel is preferred for Card payment method's acquiring bank.
If not specified, Midtrans will auto determine accordingly. It is recommended to not specify it.
Options: migs
type optional String Card payment transaction type. It is recommended to not specify it.
Options: authorize, authorize_capture
Default: authorize_capture
whitelist_bins optional Array Specify list of card BIN numbers that will be allowed to pay. The BIN value can be either a prefix(up to 8 digits) of card number or the name of a bank, in which case all the cards issued by that bank will be allowed.
installment.required optional Boolean Specify whether Customer is required to pay with installment for card payment method, if installment feature is enabled. It is recommended to not specify it.
Default: false
installment.terms optional Object Specify list of allowed installment terms, if installment feature is enabled. It is recommended to not specify it.

expiry object

Parameter Required Type Description
start_time optional String
Timestamp in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Z format
Timestamp of when the expiry period should start. If not specified, transaction time will be used as start time when payment link is created
duration required Integer Expiry duration value.
unit required String Expiry duration unit.
Options: day, hour, minute.

item_details object

The value of these parameters will be specified by Merchant.

Parameter Required Type Description
id optional String Item ID.
price required Integer Price of the item.
NOTE: Don’t add decimal.
quantity required Integer Quantity of the item.
NOTE: Must be greater than or equal 1.
name required String(50) Name of the item.
brand optional String(50) Brand of the item.
category optional String(50) Category of the item.
merchant_name optional String(50) Merchant selling the item. Useful if you have multiple sub-merchants within your commerce platform.


Implementing Discounts

You can actually input negative amount as part of the item details in the case there's a need to show Discounts as part of the checkout item details. Make sure however the final gross amount sent is the correct sum of all item details, otherwise charge will fail.

customer_details object

The value of these parameters will be specified by Merchant. If Merchant provide customer_details object in the request, merchant should provide minimum one of three required field as shown below.

Parameter Required Type Description
first_name required* String(50) Customer's first name.
last_name optional String(50) Customer's last name.
email required* String(50) Customer's email address.
phone required* String(20) Customer's phone number.
notes optional String(255) Customizable email instructions.
customer_details_required_fields optional Array of String(255) When customer_required is true, merchant could specify which fields are required between "first_name", "phone" and "email" to be filled by customer

Virtual Account Object

Parameter Required Type Description
va_number optional String(11) Custom Virtual Account Number.

dynamic_amount object

min_amountoptionalIntegerMin amount that customer can input in payment link page.
max_amountoptionalIntegerMax amount that customer can input in payment link page.
preset_amountoptionalIntegerPrefilled amount - customer will see this amount upon opening payment link page, but they can still edit it.

Request Sample

See sample request on the right -- try it yourself!


For successful response you will receive HTTP status code 2xx as a response. For failure response you may receive HTTP status code 4xx or 5xx.

Sample Success Response

   "order_id": "concert-ticket-05",
   "payment_url": ""

Sample Failure Response

   "error_messages": [
       "The Order ID 'order-123' has been taken"
   "error_messages": "Access denied due to unauthorized request"
   "error_messages": [
       "Invalid JSON data provided.",
       "This Payment Link ID 'payment-112' has been taken",
       "payment_link_id must only contain alphanumeric characters [a-z, 0-9] and hyphens [-]"

Response JSON Body Details

Response properties are conditional, depending on whether the API response is success or failure. E.g. error_messages may only exists on failure response.

HTTP Status Code

Status Code Descriptions
200 Request is successful
409 Duplicate order ID. Order ID has already been utilized previously
401 Access denied due to unauthorized request
400 Validation Error / Invalid JSON
500 Internal Server Error

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