Point Inquiry (Card Payments)

Get balance information on customer's card points.

Point Inquiry is triggered to obtain the balance amount on the card.

Point Inquiry Status Method

HTTP MethodEndpointDefinition
GETBASE_URL/v2/point_inquiry/{token_id}Get the point balance of the card in denomination amount.

Point Inquiry Request

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Query ParameterDescriptionTypeRequired
gross_amountThe amount of the following transaction in IDR. This number can decide the remaining point balance amount which can be used on the response.
Note: Required for Mandiri Point.

Point Inquiry Response

  "status_code": "200",
  "status_message": "Success, Credit Card Point inquiry is successful",
  "transaction_time": "2017-05-29 12:21:40",
  "point_balance_amount": "10000.00"
JSON AttributeDescriptionType
status_codeStatus code of transaction result.String
status_messageStatus message of transaction result.String
transaction_timeTime of the transactions.String
point_balance_amountAmount corresponding to the point balance in IDR.String
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