Error Code and Messages

In case a payout is failed, we will send an error_code and error_message, explaining what went wrong. Here is a list of codes/messages.

	"reference_no": "21b6d59f9414b2636b",
	"amount": "10000.00",
	"status": "failed",
	"updated_at": "2018-07-23T10:23:31Z",
	"error_code": "002",
	"error_message": "Invalid destination account number"

Error CodeError Message
001Invalid beneficiary name
002Invalid destination account number
003Invalid destination account or beneficiary name
004General error
005Timeout error by bank
006Unique reference number violation
007Identical request already processed before
008Bank cannot authenticated request
009Bank balance is not enough
010Payload validation failed
011OTP code expired / blocked
012Beneficiary account is blocked
013Sender and receiver account are the same
014Monthly account balance limit exceeded
015Account balance limit exceeded
016Merchant balance is not enough