Feature: BIN Promo

Midtrans allows its partners to use certain promotions on card transactions. The additional attributes in credit-card object required to configure BIN Promo feature are token_id, bins, bank. Successful request returns transaction_status:capture and is ready for settlement.

BIN Promo Charge Request

  "payment_type": "credit_card",
  "transaction_details": {
    "order_id": "C17550",
    "gross_amount": 145000
  "credit_card": {
    "token_id": "< your token ID >",
    "bank": "bni",
    "bins": ["48111111", "bni", "5"]

The credit_card object in Charge request to configure BIN Promo feature is identical with Card Charge Request, with the additional attributes given below.

JSON AttributeDescriptionType
token_idToken ID represents customer's card information acquired from Get Card Token response.String
bankThe name of the Acquiring Bank.String
binsList of card's BIN (Bank Identification Number) allowed for transaction.
For example "bins": ["48111111", "bni", "5"]; 48111111 = Allows only card number beginning with 48111111, bni = Allows only card issued by BNI, 5 = Allows only card beginning with 5 (Mastercard).
JSON Array

BIN Promo Charge Response and Notifications

The BIN Promo Charge response and notifications are identical with Card Payment Charge Response.
Successful BIN Promo transaction is described as capture and is ready for settlement.