Account Linking API

GoPay Tokenization allows merchants to link customer's GoPay account to their platform to be used for subsequent transactions.

Initiate account linking

To initiate account linking in SNAP-based flow, merchants need to call 3 APIs as follows:

  1. Initiate access token B2B by calling POST v1.0/access-token/b2b
  2. Initiate get oauth URL request by calling GET v1.0/get-auth-code
  3. Initiate binding request by calling POST v1.0/registration-account-binding

Additional APIs

  1. To fetch account information such as account status, balance and payment option token, merchant need to initiate Binding Inquiry API call
  2. To initiate account unbinding, merchant need to call Unbinding API


For integration (staging env) partner can request to add their number as testing number in gopay integration env. Kindly provide the number to support team.