Window Redirection

Redirect customers to Snap Checkout page instead of loading Snap UI within your web/app.

There is an alternative method to load Snap UI page instead of calling snap.js, which is window redirection.


Merchants can utilize the response value in redirect_url from the Create Snap Token request. Merchants don't have to load snap.js in their page, as the user is redirected to a page that is hosted by Midtrans.

With this redirection merchant can load Snap page in full window mode view like this:

Track Transaction Status via Query Params

It is possible to track status to be used to trigger your own custom events even for Window Redirection Method. You can do so by listening to URL changes and capture the query parameters appended to the finish URL. You can define after payment's finish & error URL by going to Dashboard > Configurations.

Merchant URL:

Redirection Finish URL:

Query ParametersDescriptions
merchant_idMidtrans merchant account ID
order_idTransaction order ID as defined and passed by merchant to Midtrans
transaction_statusLatest transaction status before redirection happens
status_codeTransaction's status code.