Item Details Object

"item_details": [{
    "id": "a1",
    "price": 50000,
    "quantity": 2,
    "name": "Apel",
    "brand": "Fuji Apple",
    "category": "Fruit",
    "merchant_name": "Fruit-store",
    "tenor": "12",
    "code_plan": "000",
    "mid": "123456",
    "url": ""
JSON AttributeDescriptionTypeRequired
idItem ID.StringOptional
pricePrice of the item in IDR.
Note: Do not add decimal.
quantityQuantity of the item purchased by the customer.IntegerRequired
nameName of the item.StringRequired
brandBrand name of the item.StringOptional
categoryCategory of the item.StringOptional
merchant_nameName of the merchant selling the item.StringOptional
tenorInstallment term, use two digits numeric. For example, 03, 06, 09, 12, 24.
Note: This is a BCA KlikPay exclusive field.
code_planInstallment code, use 000 for default.
Note: This is a BCA KlikPay exclusive field.
midInstallment Merchant ID.
Note: This is a BCA KlikPay exclusive field.
urlHTTP URL of the item in the merchant siteStringOptional



  • Please avoid using vertical line (|) for Alfamart payment type
    • item_details is required for Akulaku payment type.
    • Subtotal (item price multiplied by quantity) of all the item details needs to be exactly same as the gross_amount inside the transaction_details object.
    • Akulaku payment type doesn't allow duplicate item ID ( in one request.