Update Subscription

Update the details of a customer's existing subscription account with the specific subscription_id. Successful request returns status_message indicating that the subscription details are updated. You can also use the API to reactivate expired/dead subscriptions by updating the subscription's schedule.

Update Subscription Method

HTTP MethodEndpointDescription
PATCHBASE_URL/v1/subscriptions/{subscription_id}Update subscription
    "name": "MONTHLY_2019",
    "amount": "14000",
    "currency": "IDR",
    "token": "48111111sHfSakAvHvFQFEjTivUV1114",
    "schedule": {
      "interval": 1
    "retry_schedule": {
  	  "interval": 1,
  	  "interval_unit": "day",
          "max_interval": 3,
    "gopay": {
      "account_id": "0dd2cd90-a9a9-4a09-b393-21162dfb713b"
  "status_message": "Subscription is updated."
  "status_message": "Subscription doesn't exist."
  "status_message": "Sorry, Our system is recovering from unexpected issues. Please retry."

Update Subscription Request

JSON AttributeDescriptionTypeRequired
nameSubscription name specified by you.
Note: Allowed symbols are dash(-), underscore(_), tilde (~), and dot (.).
amountAmount specified by you for recurring charge.StringRequired
currencyISO-4217 representation of three-letter alphabetic currency code. Value: IDR.
Note: Currently only IDR is supported.
tokenSaved payment token.
Note: For credit_card, use saved_token_id received in Charge response.
scheduleUpdate an ongoing subscription's schedule, or reactivate an expired subscription by updating the schedule.ObjectOptional
retry_scheduleUpdate an ongoing subscription's retry schedule over failed charge.ObjectOptional
gopayGoPay subscription information.ObjectOptional

Update Subscription Response

JSON AttributeDescriptionType
status_messageMessage describing the status of the result of API request.String



  • Payment method cannot be updated in the middle of subscription. If merchant wish to change the payment method of an active subscription, the subscription must be disabled first. After that, new subscription with same data can be created again with different payment method.

  • Inside schedule, only interval field can be updated. schedule.interval_unit and schedule.max_interval can not be updated.

  • Any updates to the subscription interval schedule will only be effective after the next scheduled payment is processed. For example, consider a subscription scheduled to run at the end of this month. If you update the interval field in the middle of the month, change will take effect from the next month. For other parameters, the change will be effective starting from the next scheduled payment.

  • To reactivate dead subscriptions, simply update the subscription schedule with future dates. Subscription will then reactivate and resume charging the customer at the date specified at next_execution_at.

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