Code 4xx

List of Midtrans specific status codes starting with 4XX.

400Validation Error. You have sent bad request data like invalid transaction type, invalid payment card format, and so on.
401Access denied due to unauthorized transaction. Please check Client Key or Server Key.
402No access for this payment type.
403The requested resource is not capable of generating content in the format specified in the request headers.
404The requested resource/transaction is not found. Please check order_id or other details sent in the request.
405HTTP method is not allowed.
406Duplicate order ID. order_id has already been utilized previously.
407Expired transaction.
408Wrong data type.
410GoPay user is blocked
411token_id is missing, invalid, or timed out.
412Transaction status cannot be updated.
413The request cannot be processed due to syntax error in the request body.
414Refund request is rejected due to merchant insufficient funds.
429API rate limit exceeded. The global rate limit is applied to Create Pay Account API and Charge API