Payment Method: E-Wallet

Accept e-wallet payments in your website/app to facilitate your customers to make payments via e-money and QRIS supported banks. Midtrans will send real time notification when the payment is completed.

Midtrans has integrated with E-Wallet payment methods given below.

  • QRIS
    QRIS is the QR code payment standard established by Bank Indonesia and developed in collaboration with the Asosiasi Sistem Pembayaran Indonesia (ASPI). With QRIS, your customers will be able to pay using any e-wallet and banks that supports paying by scanning QR codes.
    Acquirer denotes the e-wallet provider that issues and processes the transaction. Note that some features are only available in certain acquirers (such as the ability to auto debit via Tokenization mode in GoPay), or can only be supported if users are paying using the same issuer as the acquirer (e.g. GoPay cashbacks will only be available is users are scanning GoPay-issued QRIS using GoPay scanner).


By integrating to GoPay or Shopeepay payment method in Midtrans, you will also get QRIS issued by respective acquirers as a bundle.

  • GoPay (Deeplink and Tokenization)
    Accept payments through GoPay e-money and e-wallet. GoPay offers two integration methods: Deeplink (one-time payment made through the Gojek app) and Tokenization (customers can link their GoPay account to your website or app, allowing for payments to be made directly on your site after linking. Recurring or subscription payments are also supported)

  • ShopeePay (Jumpapp)
    Accept payments via Shopeepay, where customers can make one time payment in Shopeepay app.