Credit Card Object

"credit_card": {
    "token_id": "4811117d16c884-2cc7-4624-b0a8-10273b7f6cc8",
    "bank": "bni",
    "installment_term": 6,
    "bins": ["4811", "5233"],
    "type": "authorize",
    "save_token_id": true
JSON AttributeDescriptionTypeRequired
token_idToken id represents customer credit card information.String(255)Required
bankName of the acquiring bank. Valid values are: mandiri, bni, cimb, bca, maybank, and bri.String(255)Optional
installment_termInstallment tenure in terms of months.IntegerOptional
binsList of credit card's BIN (Bank Identification Number) that is allowed for transaction.JSON ArrayOptional
typeUsed as preauthorization feature. Valid value: authorize.String (255)Optional
save_token_idUsed on 'One Click' or 'Two Clicks' feature. Enabling it will return a saved_token_id that can be used for the next transaction.BooleanOptional