Buy Now Pay Later payment method by Kredivo. Upon making purchase, customer will be redirected to the Kredivo website to complete payment.

Steps to integrate :

  1. Send the charge API request to Midtrans.
  2. Redirect your customer back to your page by configuring Finish URL in Midtrans's Dashboard > Settings > Payments.
  3. Handle notifications.

By default, Kredivo's transaction expiry is 24 hours (min 20s, max 180 days).

Sample JSON Request Body

  "transaction_details": {
    "order_id": "ORDER-101",
    "gross_amount": 10000
  "item_details": [{
    "id": "ITEM1",
    "price": 10000,
    "quantity": 1,
    "name": "Midtrans Bear",
    "category": "Toys",
    "url": "http://toko/toko1?item=abc"
  "customer_details": {
    "first_name": "TEST",
    "last_name": "MIDTRANSER",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": "+628123456",
    "shipping_address": {
      "first_name": "TEST",
      "last_name": "MIDTRANSER",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "phone": "0 8128-75 7-9338",
      "address": "Sudirman",
      "city": "Jakarta",
      "postal_code": "12190",
      "country_code": "IDN"
  "enabled_payments": ["kredivo"],
  "seller_details": [
      "id": "sellerId-01",
      "name": "John Seller",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "url": "",
      "address": {
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Seller",
        "phone": "081234567890",
        "address": "Kemanggisan",
        "city": "Jakarta",
        "postal_code": "12190",
        "country_code": "IDN"
Transaction Details Object (required)_
Unique transaction ID
Item Details Object (required)_
Shopping item details will be paid by customer. All field in the given sample are (required)
Customer Details Object (required)_
Details of the customer. All field in the given sample are (required)
_Array (optional)
Set what payment method to show in Snap's payment list. Value: kredivo
_Array (optional)
Details of the seller(s) where the customer purchased from. All field in the given sample are (required). Note: This field is only mandatory for marketplace merchant.


customer_details and item_details are required for Kredivo's Fraud Detection System (it's encouraged for merchant to pass real customer and item details value). If customer_details and item_details value are empty, Snap will then hide Kredivo in Snap's payment list page as transaction will fail. For a full list of request body parameters please refer to the Request Body (JSON Parameter) section.

Redirecting Back to Finish Page

The redirection back from Kredivo to your Finish Redirect URL will be using straight-forward HTTP GET. Please make sure the Finish Redirect URL endpoint can receive HTTP GET request.

Also, ensure that that the specified URL is a URL of a webpage that you own.