Capture Transaction

Capture transaction is triggered to capture the transaction balance when transaction_status:authorize. This is only available after Pre-Authorized Credit Card or Pre-Authorized GoPay.

Capture Transaction Method

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HTTP MethodEndpointDefinition
POSTBASE_URL/v2/captureCapture an authorized transaction for card payment.

Capture Transaction Request

  "transaction_id": "be4f3e44-d6ee-4355-8c64-c1d1dc7f4590",
  "gross_amount": 145000
JSON AttributeDescriptionTypeRequired
transaction_idTransaction ID given by Midtrans.String(255)Required
gross_amountTotal amount of transaction in IDR. By default it captures whole transaction amount.
Note: Decimal values are invalid.

Capture Transaction Response

  "status_code" : "200",
  "status_message" : "Success, Credit Card capture transaction is successful",
  "transaction_id" : "ca297170-be4c-45ed-9dc9-be5ba99d30ee",
  "masked_card" : "45111111-1117",
  "order_id" : "testing-0.4555-1414741517",
  "payment_type" : "credit_card",
  "transaction_time" : "2014-10-31 14:46:44",
  "transaction_status" : "capture",
  "fraud_status" : "accept",
  "bank" : "bni",
  "gross_amount" : "30000.00"
  "status_code" : "412",
  "status_message" : "Merchant cannot modify the status of the transaction"
JSON AttributeDescriptionType
status_codeStatus code of transaction capture result.String
status_messageDescription of transaction capture result.String
order_idOrder ID specified by you.String
transaction_idTransaction ID given by Midtrans.String
masked_cardFirst 8-digits and last 4-digits of customer's card number.String
gross_amountTotal amount of transaction in IDR.String
order_idOrder ID specified by you.String
payment_typeThe payment method used by the customer.String
transaction_timeTimestamp of transaction in ISO 8601 format. Time Zone: GMT+7.String
transaction_statusTransaction status after capture card transaction.String
fraud_statusDetection result by Fraud Detection System (FDS). Possible values are
accept : Approved by FDS.
deny: Denied by FDS. Transaction automatically failed.
bankThe name of the acquiring bank.String
gross_amountTotal amount of transaction in IDR. String
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