Transaction Status

The table given below describes the transaction_status used by Midtrans APIs.

Status Description Possible change(s)
authorize Midtrans authorizes the payment card used for the transaction. Must be captured to process the balance.
Note: This is valid for payment card only.
capture The transaction is successful and the card balance is captured successfully. If no action is taken by you, the transaction will be successfully settled within 24 hours or within the agreed settlement time with your partner bank. The transaction status is settlement. It is safe to assume a successful payment. settlement,
settlement The transaction is successfully settled. Funds have been credited to your account. refund,
deny The credentials used for payment are rejected by the payment provider or Midtrans Fraud Detection System (FDS). To know the reason and details for the denied transaction, see the status_message in the response. N/A
pending The transaction is created and is waiting to be paid by the customer at the payment providers like direct debit, Bank Transfer, E-wallet, and so on. settlement,
cancel The transaction is cancelled. This can be triggered by Midtrans or the partner bank. Note: For card payments, cancel status is triggered by Midtrans in case of Pre-Authorization transaction when an Authorized transaction exceeded the capture time limit N/A
refund The transaction is marked to be refunded. Refund status is triggered by you. settlement
partial_refund The transaction is marked to be partially refunded. settlement
chargeback The transaction is marked to be charged back.
Note: Applicable for payment card only.
partial_chargeback The transaction is marked to be partially charged back. settlement
expire The transaction is not available for processing, because the payment was delayed. N/A
failure Unexpected error occurred during transaction processing. N/A