GoPay Object

"gopay": {
  "enable_callback": true,
  "callback_url": "someapps://callback",
  "account_id": "00000269-7836-49e5-bc65-e592afafec14",
  "payment_option_token": "eyJ0eXBlIjogIkdPUEFZX1dBTExFVCIsICJpZCI6ICIifQ==",
  "recurring": false
JSON AttributeDescriptionTypeRequired
enable_callbackRequired for GoPay deeplink/QRIS. To determine appending callback URL in the deeplink. Default value: false.BooleanOptional
callback_urlThe HTTP or Deeplink URL to which the customer is redirected from Gojek app after successful payment. Default value: callback_url in dashboard settings.
For GoPay Tokenization, please make sure callback_url is the same URL submitted on onboarding process.
account_idRequired for GoPay Tokenization. The customer account ID linked during Create Pay Account API.StringConditional
payment_option_tokenRequired for GoPay Tokenization. Token to specify the payment option made by the customer from Get Pay Account API metadata.StringConditional
pre_authSet the value to true to reserve the specified amount from the customer balance. Once the customer balance is reserved, you can initiate a subsequent Capture API request. Default value: false.BooleanOptional
recurringSet the value to true to mark as a recurring transaction, only allowed for authorised merchant. Default value: falseBooleanOptional