GoPay Object

"gopay": {
  "enable_callback": true,
  "callback_url": "someapps://callback",
  "account_id": "00000269-7836-49e5-bc65-e592afafec14",
  "payment_option_token": "eyJ0eXBlIjogIkdPUEFZX1dBTExFVCIsICJpZCI6ICIifQ==",
  "recurring": false,
  "promotion_ids": [
JSON AttributeDescriptionTypeRequired
enable_callbackRequired for GoPay deeplink/QRIS. To determine appending callback URL in the deeplink. Default value: false.BooleanOptional
callback_urlThe HTTP or Deeplink URL to which the customer is redirected from Gojek app after successful payment. Default value: callback_url in dashboard settings.

For GoPay Tokenization, please make sure callback_url is the same URL submitted on onboarding process. If callback_url is not specified by merchant, we will use merchant's finish redirect URL that is set on Midtrans Administration Portal, please make sure these URLs are also submitted during onboarding process.
account_idRequired for GoPay Tokenization. The customer account ID linked during Create Pay Account API.StringConditional
payment_option_tokenRequired for GoPay Tokenization. Token to specify the payment option made by the customer from Get Pay Account API metadata.StringConditional
pre_authSet the value to true to reserve the specified amount from the customer balance. Once the customer balance is reserved, you can initiate a subsequent Capture API request. Default value: false.BooleanOptional
recurringSet the value to true to mark as a recurring transaction (no PIN challenge will be triggered to the user), only allowed for authorized merchants. Default value: falseBooleanOptional
promotion_idsOnly applicable for GoPay Tokenization. GoPay promotion ID to be used for payment. Acquired from Fetch Promotion API.
Currently only support single promotion per transaction, the first promotion id on the list will be applied.