Bank Account (Facilitator)

Show list of registered bank accounts for facilitator partner.

    "bank_account_id": "mandiri38fd1f0e",
    "bank_name": "mandiri",
    "account_name": "John Doe",
    "account_number": "189873746743",
    "status": "in_progress"
    "bank_account_id": "danamon64036485",
    "bank_name": "danamon",
    "account_name": "John Snow",
    "account_number": "77975396492",
    "status": "live"


GET BASE_URL/api/v1/bank_accounts

Response Parameters

bank_account_idBank account ID to be used when creating payouts
bank_nameBank name of partner's bank account
account_nameAccount name of partner's bank account
account_numberAccount number of partner's bank account
statusin_progress: Registration process of bank account still in progress
live: Bank account already live and ready to use for payout