Payment API is intended for performing transactions and deduct funds from the customer, depending on the payment method selected. You can tokenize, approve, deny, refund, or cancel a transactions.

API Methods

HTTP MethodEndpointDescription
GET/v2/tokenTokenize payment card information before being charged.
POST/v2/chargePerform a transaction with various available payment methods and features. Example given: Credit Card Charge.
POST/v2/captureCapture an authorized transaction for card payment.
POST/v2/order_id/approveApprove a transaction with certain order_id which gets challenge status from Fraud Detection System.
POST/v2/order_id/denyDeny a transaction with a specific order_id, flagged as challenge by Fraud Detection System.
POST/v2/order_id/cancelCancel a transaction with a specific order_id. Cancelation can only be done before settlement process.
POST/v2/order_id/expireUpdate the transaction status of a specific order_id, from pending to expired.
POST/v2/order_id/refundUpdate the transaction status of a specific order_id, from settlement to refund.
POST/v2/order_id/refund/online/directSend refund to the customer's bank or the payment provider and update the transaction status to refund.
GET/v2/order_id/statusGet the transaction status of a specific order_id.
GET/v2/order_id/status/b2bGet the transaction status multiple B2B transactions related to certain order_id.
GET/v2/card/registerRegister customer's card information (card number and expiry) to be used for One Click and Two Click transactions.
GET/v2/point_inquiry/token_idGet the point balance of the card in denomination amount.
POST/v2/pay/accountUsed to link the customer's account to create payment for certain channel.
GET/v2/pay/account/account_idGet customer payment account details.
POST/v2/pay/account/account_id/unbindUnbind a linked customer account.
GET/v1/bins/bin_numberGet Bin Metadata.