Expire transaction

Expire transaction is triggered to update the transaction_status to expire, when the customer fails to complete the payment. The expired order_id can be reused for the same or different payment methods.

Expire API can be used in both Core API and Snap integrations.

Expire Transaction Method

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HTTP MethodEndpointDefinition
POSTBASE_URL/v2/{order_id OR transaction_id}/expireExpire the transaction.

Expire Transaction Response and Notifications

  "status_code": "407",
  "status_message": "Success, transaction has expired",
  "transaction_id": "447e846a-403e-47db-a5da-d7f3f06375d6",
  "order_id": "vtmbill05",
  "payment_type": "echannel",
  "transaction_time": "2015-06-15 13:36:24",
  "transaction_status": "expire",
  "gross_amount": "10000.00"
  "status_code": "202",
  "status_message": "midtrans payment notification",
  "transaction_id": "841c7da8-530b-435a-9f67-c9d632d15537",
  "order_id": "1000176721005355",
  "gross_amount": "698879.00",
  "payment_type": "bank_transfer",
  "transaction_time": "2016-07-04 00:53:55",
  "transaction_status": "expire",
  "permata_va_number": "8778004890127981",
  "signature_key": "f1066b06ec8a4b7d6ffb941fd9772f6df304618e15e02cf17c2914cec12793e19c71653042f7f617b027eae6ecb6759529c67eca9af55264b736408d8b4df2b9"
  "status_code" : "412",
  "status_message" : "Merchant cannot modify the status of the transaction"
JSON AttributeDescriptionType
status_codeStatus code of transaction charge result.String
status_messageDescription of transaction charge result.String
transaction_idTransaction ID given by Midtrans.String
order_idOrder ID specified by you.String
payment_typeThe payment method used by the customer.String
transaction_timeTimestamp of transaction in ISO 8601 format. Time Zone: GMT+7.String
transaction_statusTransaction status after charge credit card transaction. Possible values are
capture : Transaction is accepted by the bank and ready for settlement.
deny: transaction is denied by the bank or FDS.
authorize: Credit card is authorized in pre-authorization feature.
gross_amountTotal amount of transaction in IDR.String
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