Transaction Status


Transaction Status Definition

For transaction status definition, refer to this page instead.

Midtrans provides four means for the merchant to obtain the transaction

  • Email Notification
  • HTTP Notification
  • Merchant Administration Portal
  • Get Status API

Email Notification

You can configure the email notification setting at Settings - Email Notification in MAP.



For multiple emails, please use comma as a separator. Example :
[email protected], [email protected]

HTTP(S) POST Notification

Notification through HTTP(S) POST will be sent to the merchant’s server when customer completes the payment process. You can utilize the HTTP(S) POST notification to update a payment status or send the item of a transaction in real time.

Enable Midtrans HTTP(S) POST Notification by setting the Payment Notification URL at
Settings - Configuration.



Make sure your Payment Notification URL is not the same as your localhost address.

Refer here for further details on handling notifications.

Merchant Admin Portal(MAP) Transaction Status

Merchant can check the transactions status from payments menu on MAP.

Example of a successful transaction status for Credit Card:


Get Status API

See this guide or API walkthrough to learn how to obtain transaction status programmatically via Midtrans's Get Status API.