FAQ: Redirection to Gojek / GoPay app


With the launch of the new standalone GoPay app, users can now complete GoPay Tokenization linking and GoPay deeplink/tokenization transactions on both Gojek and GoPay app.

The new flow will be rolled out gradually to merchants starting July 26th 2023.

On GoPay deeplink, GoPay Tokenization linking, and some GoPay Tokenization transactions (the ones that require PIN challenge), users will be redirected to Gojek or GoPay app to input their GoPay PIN. Previously, users will only be redirected to Gojek app but with the launch of the new standalone GoPay app, users will be able to start completing linking and payments on GoPay app as well. GoPay app will be available for users on July 2023.

How will this impact the user experience?

Previously, by default users will be redirected to Gojek app to complete linking and payments. Now with the launch of GoPay app, users who have GoPay App will be automatically redirected to GoPay app.

  1. By default, users will be redirected to GoPay app if the app is installed

  2. If GoPay app is not installed, users will be redirected to Gojek app if Gojek app is installed on user's phone

  3. If Gojek app is not installed, user will see the Gojek webpage and user can choose which app (Gojek/GoPay) they want to use to continue the linking/payment

  4. User need to click the CTA button to be redirected to Gojek/GoPay app play store / app store

  5. Once user downloaded Gojek/GoPay app, user can continue linking/payment

How can merchants support this flow?

We will gradually roll out this new flow to merchants starting July 26th 2023. With the rollout, we will be returning a new link for redirection as follows:

To support the new flow, merchants need to do the following items:

What merchants need to do
1. Merchant should ensure that they can support redirection URL in universal link format to be able to be redirected to GoPay / Gojek app
2. In case merchants have whitelisting in place, merchants should whitelist gopay.co.id/*. Please ensure that the existing URLs are also kept whitelisted on merchants' side.
3. In case merchants have webview implementation, merchant should ensure that the webview redirection is not blocked by Android/iOS platform. Fore more details on how to do this please read this FAQ page: Android | iOS

For more information on GoPay redirection, please read our technical FAQ page or directly contact your Midtrans Sales representative so we can assist you further.