September 8th, 2023 - Minimum installment amount & offline installment support in Snap Checkout

We've enhanced our Installment capabilities even further in Snap so that managing all payment logics are even easier with Snap checkout.

Now, you will be able to specify the following logic in Snap when processing installment payments :

  • Minimum amount to use installment : if customer checks out with basket size lower than the specified minimum amount, Snap will not show the installment options to customer.
  • Offline installment : previously the only way to support offline installment is by using whitelist bin feature that will enforce customers to use installment with cards which BINs are specified within the whitelist bin. This might be inconvenient as you will need to write a separate logic for offline installment transactions, online installment transactions, and full payment, while also setting up a separate logic within your website to capture customer's payment options intent.
    With offline installment feature, you can now simply specify the BINs that are eligible to use offline installments - and Snap will only show offline installments if customers are using cards which BINs are specified within the offline_bins parameter. This is handy as you can now just write a single code block for all of your transactions without having to know the payment option intend prior to calling Snap page.

Read here and here for more details how to use this feature. You can also set this as a configuration in your Snap Preference dashboard for a no code alternative, as informed in previous release notes here.