July 31st, 2023 - Installment Settings for Snap

Starting from today, Snap Checkout merchants can now configure installment directly via Snap Preference. Merchant can now configure the following :

  • Require customer to use installment : true/false
  • Enable offline and online installment for all transactions (if bank installment MID is already activated)
  • Available banks
  • Available terms
  • Minimum amount : trx gross amount has to exceed the specified minimum amount in order for customer to use installment.
  • BIN Validation (for offline installment only) : offer installment option to customers using cards with eligible BINs

How would this benefit merchant :

  • Merchant especially those who use ecommerce platforms like Shopify will now be able to use both full payment and installment payment within 1 MID - said installment settings can be configured via Snap Preference. Previously this was not available as said merchants do not have access to modify their integration code, nor this feature was supported in our Shopify plugin.
  • Merchant can now offer offline installment without having to create a separate code using whitelist BINs.

See more details here.

Note that if installment specifications have been specified via API request, said spec will be prioritized as opposed to the config defined in Snap Preference instead.