June 28th, 2023 - Introducing Snap Embedded

Today we're introducing Snap Embedded, an embeddable UI and customizable component for your checkout flow that only needs 1 integration for all of your payment method needs. Check out how does it look like below, or try the experience directly here.

Snap Embedded - Desktop View

Snap Embedded - Desktop View

Snap Embedded - Mobile Implementation

_Snap Embedded - Mobile View_

As you can see above, now you are able to embed Snap Checkout modal directly into your webpage or app to give a much more seamless experience. You can also customize how your Snap Checkout's look further via Snap's customization capability, accessible from Snap Preference menu from your dashboard. After integrating to Snap once, additional payment methods can be activated into your checkout page without any additional integration needed.

Check out our documentation and API reference here for more info.