May 22nd, 2023 New Partner Portal - Phase 2 (previously called Master Portal)

On May 22nd, 2023, We released a new partner portal phase 2 that was previously called Master Portal. In this update, we will add user management and activity logs to the new partner portal.

Phase 1 Updates

Phase 2 Updates

  • User management functionality:
    • Implemented user roles and permissions for multi-outlet merchants.
    • Administrators can now create and manage user accounts with different access levels.
    • Defined roles such as administrator, customer service, operator, developer, and finance. We also deprecated the monitoring role from old portal
  • Activity logs:
    • Introduced comprehensive activity logging to track user actions within the system.
    • Captured events such as login/logout, account modifications, and export data access.

The master portal can only be accessed until 5th June 2023. For old users that previously use Master Portal, you can migrate your users using this guide.

New Partner Portal

New Partner Portal