March 28th, 2023 New Partner Portal - Phase 1 (previously called Master Portal)

On March 28th, 2023, We released a new partner portal that was previously called Master Portal. In this update, we will show the new user interface and re-activate the cross-auth feature to merchants that were previously deactivated in Master Portal.

Phase 1 Updates

  • Added dashboard overview pages: A comprehensive overview of key metrics and performance indicators for multi-outlet merchants.
  • Introduced transaction list pages:
    • Merchants can now view a detailed list of their transactions, including transaction ID, date, amount, etc.
    • Filter and search functionalities to quickly find specific transactions based on various criteria.
    • Download the transaction list.
  • Enhanced merchant management: Improved user interface for managing merchant accounts.
  • Partner monitoring tools: Provided partner access to their dashboard midtrans merchant.

The master portal can only be accessed until 5th June 2023. For old users that previously use Master Portal, you can migrate your users using this guide.