Midtrans Integration with Jejualan

Please complete the following steps in advance:

  1. Create an online store with Jejualan, and choose Beta, Gamma, or Delta in order to use Midtrans service.
  2. Register to Midtrans account here.
  3. Complete Midtrans business requirement by contacting Midtrans solutions with Jejualan – URL Name as subject header.

Integrate Midtrans to Jejualan platform by following the steps below:

  1. Login to Midtrans Merchant Administration Portal

    You will find your online shop name with Sandbox/Production environment. Please make sure that you are in Production environment.

    Login MAP

  2. Choose Settings - Configuration.


    Fill Payment Notification URL with: <your_website>.
    E.g : if your website is http://abc.jejualan.com, so your Payment Notification URL should be filled with “http://abc.jejualan.com”.

    Fill Finish Redirect URL with: <your_website>/store/payment/veritrans/success.
    Fill Unfinish Redirect URL with: <your_website>/store/payment/.
    Fill Error Redirect URL with: <your_website>/store/payment/veritrans/failed.

  3. Choose Settings - Access Keys.

    Copy Midtrans Merchant ID dan Server Key (Will be used for the next step).

    access key

  4. Login to Jejualan Admin Panel of your store


  5. Choose Konfigurasi - Pembayaran.


    Click Midtrans field, then change mode from Tidak Aktif to Aktif. Ensure that the button is now colored with blue.

  6. Input Midtrans Production Server Key. Then enable payment methods via Midtrans by checking / unchecking the desired payment method.


  7. Click Simpan.