Updates to Configurations Page in Dashboard

Starting February, we will be releasing gradual updates to our Settings page in Midtrans Dashboard in order to make it clearer and easier for merchants to use. As part of the first release, we're updating the Configurations page in the Settings menu into Payments.

As the name suggests, Settings>Payments will be the page for Core API users to update various settings such as Notifications URL going forward. Below is a brief summary of the changes :

  1. Menu name is changed. Merchants who are Core API and Kredivo users can setup their configuration via this menu
    Before: Setting > Configuration
    After: Setting > Payment
  2. Settings are now grouped under several menu :
    • Payment Notification URL, Recurring Notification URL, Pay Account Notification URL goes to Notification URL
    • Finish Redirect URL goes to its own section Finish Redirect URL
    • Unfinish Redirect URL, Error Redirect URL -> removed, merged with Snap Preference Setting. This settings is only used by Snap users.

There's no action needed from merchants to cater for these changes.