SKU Level Promotion in Promo Management

We're pleased to announce a powerful new addition to Midtrans Promo Management : cart-level promotions! This exciting update empowers you to create targeted promotions based on the specific items your customers purchase.

What's new?

  • Targeted promotions: Design promotions that apply to specific items in a customer's cart.
  • Multiple targeting options: Choose from various cart identifiers like SKU ID, brand, category, or product name to define your promotion criteria.
  • Flexible combinations: Decide whether customers need to purchase only the promoted item(s) or allow them to combine it with other items in their cart (with the discount applying only to the promoted items).
  • Quantity control: Set minimum and maximum purchase quantities for the promoted SKU to further refine your offer.

Why cart-level promotions?

  • Enhanced customer engagement: Offer targeted promotions that incentivize specific purchases, boosting sales and conversions.
  • Granular control: Tailor your promotions with precision, maximizing their impact.
  • Streamlined experience: Easily create and manage cart-level promotions directly through the Midtrans dashboard, saving you time and effort.

Cart-level promotions are now available for all Promo Management Users - you should see it when creating a new promotion campaign under Promotional Product section.

For further details on how the feature works, learn more here.