October 23rd, 2023 - Promo Management

We're excited to announce one of our major release this year - no code promo management portal for merchants, specifically for Snap Checkout and Payment Link merchants! You can now run promotions with no technical integration required - all within Midtrans's dashboard :

  • Setup a promotion campaign - run discount based promotion that will be automatically implemented in Snap checkout page
  • Setup a promotion budget based on IDR amount, usage or both - promo will be automatically be deactivated once budget is all used
  • Run card promotions - from BIN based promotions, installment payment specific campaigns, and many others
  • Limit customer usage within a predefined time period - be it per unique card number, email or phone number
  • And many others!

Promo management is automatically active for your account in Sandbox for merchants to test. To activate it in Production, simply go to Dashboard in Production mode, head to Payment Method page, then complete the onboarding documentation for Promo Management feature.

Head over this article to read more about Promo Management.