March 7th, 2023 - Snap Generic QRIS & Optimized Payment List Sorting

We've released a generic QRIS (or also called as Other QRIS) that works similarly like our Other Bank feature, which will present a generic QRIS with various issuers' logo to customers in Snap. This feature aims to improve your transactions' conversion by making it easier for customers to understand that they can pay using various e-wallets and banks. Going forward, we will be making several optimizations from various aspects (e.g. design, copy, UX, etc) to this feature based on our learnings of what works to improve transaction conversion. Generic QRIS can also be used to persistently show QRIS to customer regardless of screen size. See the API reference here.

We've also optimized the payment list sorting in Snap designed to increase your transactions' conversion. You can implement this sorting by going to Settings > Snap Preference > Payment Channels, and then click the 'Apply Recommended Sorting' (see image below).