August 15th, 2023 - Subscription API Improvements

We've heard your feedbacks of how we can make your subscription operations easier! We've recently have released the following improvements over Subscription API (or also known as Recurring API) :

  • New field in the API response : GoPay account id in create subs API response
  • New field in HTTP notif : Error status message if automatic retries fails
  • Subscription’s order ID in HTTP notif will now be populated with the trx order ID prefixed with SUBS- instead of [GRIFFIN]-[Random UUID]. Merchant can now search for a particular trx notif via Midtrans dashboard by appending trx’s order with prefix SUBS-
  • Subscription API will check GoPay account status (enabled/disabled) before creating a subscription.
  • Subscription API will also now perform automatic retries for failed trx with status code 200
  • Subscription API will support idempotency when creating new subscription